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When you encounter a problem with your vehicle’s lock, what is your instinctive reaction? Do you call your car dealer? Are you one of those people who turn to the internet for help? Our suggestion: don’t get ripped off by your car dealer nor attempt amateurish tips on your precious vehicle and end up damaging it. Instead, call in a automotive locksmith to look into your issue. 

Advantage Locksmith Store is a premier locksmith service agency in Washington, DC area and has been sorting out lock and keys issues with indefinite ease for years. If you’ve got a problem with your car’s locks, there’s no one

better than a Advantage Locksmith Store technician to fix it!


Why do you need a car lock and key specialist?

Advantage Locksmith Store Washington, DC 202-594-3609Unlike your home locks, modern vehicular locks are more sophisticated in design. In-built anti-theft functionality, jimmy-proof locks, alarms and other systems work in tandem to create the perfect security field for your vehicle. But what happens when these very systems malfunction and prevent access to your own vehicle?

For instance, a dysfunctional transponder key may fail to disarm the immobilizer system of your car, rendering your vehicle inoperable. At such times, you need the assistance of an automotive locksmith who has in-depth understanding of vehicular locks and keys and can provide an apt solution to your problems. And that’s where Advantage Locksmith Store can help you!


Car lockout? We can get you out

Lost keys? Jammed lock? Whatever be the reason, we can resolve your lockout situation in no time. Our 24/7 mobile locksmith service allows our customers to seek assistance anytime and anywhere in Washington, DC area.

We make all type of car keys:

Be it a complex transponder key or a laser cut car key, we’ve got the tools and the knowledge of various vehicle models and makes to craft any type of key onsite.

Ignition repair:

Ignition key doesn’t turn? There’s no need to call in a car mechanic. Our automotive locksmiths have expertise in resolving ignition-related issues. From switch/cylinder replacement to repairs, we do it all.

Lock upgrade:

Dissatisfied with the current level of vehicular security? Our technicians will replace the conventional locks in your vehicle with the latest and most robust locks available in the market.

Trunk unlock

When access to a vital portion of your car is taken away, you need to call Advantage Locksmith Store. We can unlock the car trunk, taking utmost care to not damage the lock or the trunk in the process.
For all your automotive locksmith needs in Washington, DC, call Advantage Locksmith Store!