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You’ve locked away vital business contracts in your safe, but unfortunately you forget the combination and cannot retrieve your files. What do you do? Safes are devised to be impenetrable to prevent theft and misuse and unless you seek out professional locksmith assistance there’s absolutely no way you can access it. But it may take days for the locksmith to crack the code and unlock your safe, and when things cannot wait, that’s when you need to avail emergency opening services. Advantage Locksmith Store is a 24 hour locksmith service operating in Washington, DC area and has effectively unlocked hundreds of locked cabinets, home locks, cars, safes and more.

24/7 emergency opening service

Locked out of your home on a cold wintry night? Can’t wait for your friend to arrive with your spare key? Before you take drastic measures such as breaking open your home’s window and gaining access, stop and call Advantage Locksmith Store. Our emergency opening services are the best in Washington, DC area. We operate 24/7 and can address your call at anytime and anywhere. Be it a car lockout in a remote locality or a safe opening at your office in the middle of the night, we deal with a wide range of issues and can deal with yours too!

What entails an effective emergency opening service?

  • Technical expertise

When presented with a problem, there are multiple ways to get at the solution. But finding the right way is most important! A scenario wherein a missing key leaves the lock inoperable is handled differently by different technicians. If the technician’s first port of call is to drill the lock open, then it’s a sure-fire sign that the locksmith is poorly trained and incompetent. 

Our technicians are gifted with the ability to figure out the most ideal solution to any lock and locksmith concern. When you entrust an emergency opening job to Advantage Locksmith Store technicians, they will do everything it takes to bypass the lock security through non-destructive means and will do so in a short span.

  • Refined equipment for superior outcome

When you’re looking for an emergency opening procedure to be performed on your lock, you need your locksmith to arrive on the scene at once. With an ultra-modern fleet of mobile vans, we’re able to accomplish just that! Also, our locksmiths are armed with state-of-the-art tools that make the lock opening procedure seamless and fairly quick!Advantage Locksmith Store Washington, DC 202-594-3609

Our services

  • File cabinet unlock
  • Trunk unlocking
  • Safe opening
  • Emergency opening of locks
  • Vehicular lockout assistance

Dial 202-594-3609 to get your locks unlocked right away!